Impact Rock Crusher-Anlage (PF1214)

Produktbeschreibung Impact stone crusher (PF1214) IntroduceRotor is not only the \"heart\" of impact crusher, but also the crucial part in the acceptance check of impact crusher. Rotor

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Impact stone crusher (PF1214) Introduce
Rotor is not only the "heart" of impact crusher, but also the crucial part in the acceptance check of impact crusher. Rotor plays the significant role during the work; Therefore, Shanghai WHITE LAI develops and produces heavy rotor with rigid structure for getting higher moment of inertia. High wearable material and optimum crushing cavity bring the outstanding performance of PF series impact crusher.
PF series impact crusher improves the adjusting device, the operation becomes more convenient.
The tri-cavity makes excellent capability in the fine crushing and super fine crushing line.
The bi-cavity can simplify the process flow in the coarse crushing line.

Impact stone crusher (PF1214) features
1. Adopting world-class manufacture technique, selecting high-grade raw material.
2. High quality rotor with heavy design and strict inspection.
3. Bearing adopts the integrated cast-steel structure, which ensures the perfect match with crusher frame. Meanwhile, it greatly increases the radial intensity of bearing seat.
4. Unique fixing device of blow bar brings higher reliability.
5. Reformative adjusting device decrease the time of machine stop and overhaul.
6. Self-own open-top device can quickly finish the replacement of wearing parts.
7. Larger bearing specification and higher carrying capacity.
8. Rotor analysis ensures stableness and reliability.

Baumuster Größe der Zufuhröffnung
(mm× mm)
Maximale Zufuhrgröße
Elektromotor (Kilowatt) Gewicht
PF-1007 820× 700 300 24-45 55 9.5 2400× 1558× 2660
PF-1010 1170× 720 350 50-80 75 10 2520× 1900× 2200
PF-1210 1090× 465 350 80-130 110 14 2638× 2053× 2810
PF-1214 1440× 465 350 100-160 132 18 2580× 2400× 2810
PF-1315 1532X560 350 140-200 200 19.3 3007X2748X2556
PF-1316 1690X859 350 150-220 200 19.5 3096X2850X2667
PF-1320 2030x800 325 280-320 400 29.7 3280x3200*2613
PF-1515 1580x850 350 220-280 315 28.3 3550*2835*3217

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